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What is the Favourite Movie challenge? 

This is a virtual running challenge that was designed and created by Your Virtual Race. This event allows participants to run or walk for their favourite movie and then upload their results to our virtual leader board. It can be challenging to find the motivation to exercise. Covid –19 has made it even more difficult to work out, with the closure of gyms and other exercise facilities. Your Virtual Race offers a simple solution. It enables people to take part in one event regardless of their location, time zone or ability. 

The Favorite Movie Challenge is a perfect addition to any workplace wellness program as it:

  • Encourages physical activity, improving the overall health and fitness of the workplace. 
  • It can increase employee productivity as physical activity increases cognitive function. 
  • It allows employees to take part in a group activity, thus enabling team bonding experiences. This helps employees to build relationships outside of their immediate work circle. 
  • The competitive aspect of the challenge allows employees to achieve a sense of accomplishment. The challenge encourages employees to increase their activity levels, lose weight and create healthier lifestyle habits. These are all common wellness initiatives. All participants will also receive a digital medal for taking part in the challenge. 
  • The challenge can reduce employee stress as exercising has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels

The Favourite Movie Challenge Merch:

Personalised touches are another essential incentive to motivate people to exercise. The Favourite Movie Challenge has its own personalised merchandise which include t-shirts and mugs, all at affordable prices. Some winning participants will also be chosen at random and will receive a mug or t-shirt of their choice for free. 

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