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Down Syndrome Limerick 21km

Register now for the Down Syndrome Limerick 21km Challenge and commit to running or walking each day to reach the half marathon distance of 21km, to support the essential services we provide
Take the opportunity to walk or run a little each day.

What is a virtual race?

This race is just like any other race, but with one exception – you choose when and where you do it!

You can run or walk by yourself or with your family at a time that suits you. Please comply with the current government and public health guidelines in relation to Covid-19 and the app will look after the rest.

You can keep your social distance of at least 2m at all times, get some exercise and support Down Syndrome Limerick.

Once registered you can choose how much you run or walk each day until your hit the 21km goal.

Check out our FAQ's for more and the How to take part section below



May 25th to June 14th 2020


Just step outside your front door and start.


When suits you

What you need to do.

Run/walk each day until your reach the 21km goal.


Down Syndrome Limerick are a local charity that provide much needed therapies and services to children and adults with Down Syndrome in the region. It is run by the members for the members on a voluntary basis. Essential therapies like Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy are provided. Down Syndrome Limerick run a Parent Link Programme which provides peer support and advice to parents who have recently had a child with Down Syndrome.

Other services provided include counselling, information sessions and training for members and their families, educational support and training for teachers and SNAs including school visits. Down Syndrome Limerick also run a successful adult education programme which provides students with the necessary skillset to secure meaningful employment. There are fun activities organised too such as swim and cycling lessons, art, drama, dance and youth club.

Down Syndrome Limerick rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to fundraise on their behalf to keep services going. Money raised enables us to provide services and therapies at a subsidised rate, while also paying for equipment and resources to support the services offered.

Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20065249
CHY (Revenue) Number: 17503

Official Race App

Download the app now from one of these links.

How to take part

You can start the event anytime from May 25th but the event must be completed by midnight June 14th

Here is what you need to do to be ready for the virtual run:

1. Download the Your Virtual Run App on iOS or Android, links below
2. Please ensure you allow the app to use your location
3. Navigate to the “Challenges” tab in the App
4. Click on the “Down Syndrome Limerick 21k” Challenge and click “join challenge”
5. The challenge opens on May 25th until June 14th.
6. When you are ready to run/walk/jog, navigate back to the challenge page and record your journey, ensuring to click start and stop when finished.
7. You can run or walk as often as you like during this time until you reach your 21km chosen target, please use the app each time.

Please ensure that you press STOP and SAVE YOUR RUN on the app when you have completed your session. 


The ebib

The Digital Medal

The Certificate of Completion

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