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Why you need to take our 5k class

Taking up running can seem like a scary prospect, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit.
But did you know that regular running can help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke, boost your mood and keep your weight under control?

Our 5K class plan is designed to get you out the door and gradually work you up to running our virtual 5K in just 6 weeks.

What is our 5K class all about?

It's a running plan developed to help absolute beginners get into running. The beginners' running plan was developed by gerry, a runner with a background in exercise and health science who went from absolute beginner to competitive running over a number of years. The plan involves three runs per week, with a day of rest in between, with a different schedule for each of the six weeks.

How does class work?

Probably the biggest challenge a beginner runner faces is not knowing how or where to start. Often when trying to get into exercise, we can overdo it, feel defeated and give up when we’re just getting started. The 5K class works because it starts with a mix of running and walking, to gradually build up your fitness and stamina. Week one involves running for just a minute at a time, creating realistic expectations and making the challenge feel achievable right from the start.

Who is 5K class for?

Its for everyone. Whether you’ve never run before, or if you want to get back into being more active, the class is an way of getting fitter and healthier. If you have any health concerns about beginning an exercise regime such as this, make an appointment to see your GP and discuss it with them first.

What are the benefits?

There are plenty of benefits from getting into running. For starters, it’s an easy way of improving your physical health. Running regularly will improve the health of your heart and lungs. It can also help you lose weight, especially if combined with a healthy diet.
There is evidence it may help increase bone density in some people, which can help protect against bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

There are also mental benefits of running. Taking the class can help boost your confidence and self-belief, as you prove that you can set yourself a target and achieve a goal. Running regularly can also be a great stress reliever and has even been shown to combat depression.

How do I get started?

STEP TWO: Think about when and where you’re going to run. The best way to ensure you stick with your running plan is to carefully work out how to fit the class runs into your day. Busy days at work? Perhaps you could set your alarm clock a little earlier and run first thing in the morning, or even in your lunch break. If you have young children to sort out in the mornings, maybe you could plan your run when they’re at school. Or, how about strapping them safely in the pushchair and taking them with you?

STEP THREE: Plan where you are going to run – for example, if you already have a gym membership, you could run there on the T-Mill or change and head out the door as its a good option is to run outdoors. You’ll get some fresh air, can take in different and interesting routes and, perhaps best of all, it won’t cost anything. You may want to look at a map to plan your route first, so that you can focus on running.

STEP FOUR: Think about safety. If you are planning to run outdoors, bear in mind that when wearing headphones you may be less aware of your surroundings. Watch out for other pedestrians, keep your eyes peeled for cyclists and take extra care when crossing the road.

STEP FIVE: What are you going to wear? The most essential piece of kit is a pair of running trainers, available from any good sports store . While this isn’t essential, it may reduce your risk of injury. also its best to wear some hi-vis clothing so you can be see by that bus driver... I HATED it every time i got run down by a bus 🙂

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