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Overweight and Starting.. Not a Problem!

Overweight or obese, SO WHAT! We get sick and tired of hearing people say they wish they could run but they are too big. Other favorite excuse are “AFTER I lose some weight I am going to join a gym.”

Why wait? Years ago you learned to walk. After some time crawling, you pulled yourself up and took a first step. Well, it is that time again.

Go See Your Physician

If you have never been physically active you should get a physical to make sure you have no health risks that would prevent you from running. If you have been active and have just never thought you could run, you should be ok, but please make sure your family does not sue me if something happens to you.

Positive Mental Attitude

Also known as PMA is going to be the key to success above all else. There are going to be days you don’t want to exercise, but you need to get up and do it. Some days will make you tired and some days you will feel slow. We have all been through this, it gets better. It is not easy, but the accomplishment is worth it.

Eat Right

If you are doing this class there is a chance you are also dieting. Remember to make sure you are getting balanced meals because your body will need the vitamins. If you are on a reduced calorie diet, realize that as your calorie expenditure increase you will reach an apex and weight loss will stop. It seems counter intuitive but you may need to increase your calories to support your exercise and continue to lose weight. I personally have made this mistake.

Stay Motivated

Once you are consistently running you may need to take steps to keep it interesting. You will not be successful if it becomes boring and more work than fun. There are many things you can do to make this more interesting.

For instance, if you have not been running with music- try it, change your course from day to day and explore, try running trails, set distance or speed goals and research training plans, take trips to local attractions just to run (like parks and nature preserves), or sign up for a race.

Also, consider keeping a training log. CLICK HERE, Do more than log your times and miles, but remember to write down how you feel. You will be able to look back and enjoy your improvements and take note of the tips on each training log page.

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